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If you are replacing an existing external door, you should always take measurements from outside the property, making a note of the way the door is hung (left or right)

1. Measure the width. Where possible measure the distance from brick to brick. Take measurements at 3 Points: top, middle and bottom. Use the smallest one of these sizes and redo these measurements again inside the door. A video of both inside and outside helps us in the correct sizing of your door

2. Measure the height. Exactly the same as above, take several measurements - this will be the height of your new door If you are struggling to find the brick work, for example on a rendered property we recommend chipping away a small amount of the render at either side of the window thus exposing the brick. (This render would need to be removed anyway when replacing the window)
Measuring from the brickwork is preferred, but alternatively you can use sizes from your existing frame - measure in 3 places and use the smallest sizes. Please note if you are taking sizes from your existing frame make sure you measure the actual frame and not any timber which may have been planted on after

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